Range trading the Forex market
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Buy Entry: Blue dot in Blue box.

If the blue dot is before the formation of the blue box, then ignore the signal. The best signals are when the blue dot is inside the blue box and the same for the red dot inside the red box for sell signals.
The DTM will plot the boxes automatically according to the short term trend in the market. A red box means look only for Selling opportunities. A blue box means look only for buy opportunities.

To exit a trade there are 3 simple exits:
⦁ Exit at Green line target
⦁ Exit at Red line stoploss
⦁ Exit at end of US session if none of the stoploss or target has been hit.
⦁ Exit if a reverse dot appears.


Money Management:

Make sure to never risk more than 2-3% of your trading capital on any single trade. To increase your chances of making more profit try to enter as close to the bottom of the blue box as possible. If you enter at the top of the box the Risk:Reward ratio is 1:2.5 and if you enter at the bottom of the box the Risk:Reward ration is 1:5.7. This is a very important information cause it means if you enter at the top of the box you can win 3/10 trades and breakeven, and if you enter at the bottom of the box you can win 2/10 trades and breakeven. If you follow the simple trading rules above you should win over 8/10 trades. Its simply a blue dot in a blue box to enter a trade.

Other strategies with Daytrade Master:

If you want to find more trading opportunities, you can trade with the Daytrade Master indicator along with your other trading strategies, such as the Harmonic patterns or TMA on Hourly Charts. These however need that you have more trading experience, but just wanted to tell you that you can use Daytrade Master indicator with other strategies to have more day trade candidates with proper Risk:Reward at least 1:2.5


Attached :

ChartCycles v1.2.ex4
DTM v2.4.ex4
Golden Finger.ex4
Intrepid Symbol Changer.ex4
User’s manual.


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