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The Dynamic Swing Trader


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Free download The Dynamic Swing Trader.rar :
Dynamic Swing Trader Position Size Calculator.xls
DST Backtesting.xls
DST Default.tpl
DST White.tpl


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Free Download the manual videos :
Netpicks DST Method Training Vid 1
DST MT4 Install (2)
Netpicks DST Add On Trades Video 2
Netpicks DST – Snap Shot Trading – Vid 3
Netpicks DST The Art Of Trading – Vid 4
Netpicks DST Diversify By Trading Multiple Currency Pairs – Vid 5
Netpicks Position Size Calculator – Vid 6
Netpicks DST The Power of Compounding – Vid 7

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Netpicks Dynamic Swing Trader videos



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Netpicks Dynamic Swing Trader videos.rar 209.3 MB
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