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The Pound is waiting for news. Overview for 12.12.2019


GBPUSD continues slowly growing in anticipation of parliamentary elections and completely ignores all other news.

On Thursday afternoon, the British Pound is still slowly rising against the USD. The current quote for the instrument is 1.3213.

Today is the zero hour for the United Kingdom and its currency: early parliamentary elections will take place. The Conservative Party headed by the British Prime Minister Boris Johnson expects to win the majority in the House of Commons, thus securing approximation of the Brexit documents in the future.

However, there is another news relating to Brexit. According to the Independent, the United Kingdom and the European Union may not agree on the trade deal in the next 11 months, thus forcing the “hardcore” Brexit scenario. The article says that British and European policymakers didn’t exclude such possibility during their recent meeting. It was said that the parties were very likely to discuss only the most important and essential aspects, but might not have time for everything. It’s pretty risky for the Pound.

However, the British currency will pay attention to such long-term catalysts only after today’s parliamentary elections are over.