Hello Traders:

I am creating this thread as I am getting ready to give away The Paradox System. I will not give away the original system but the MT4 version that I created about 3 years ago with the MT4. It will take me about a week to get everything together; so please be patient. Thank you and God bless.


This thread is now 205 pages and I am adding a 2 hour template for both U/J and E/J charts so the new traders can visually use for setting up their charts for the session and identifying your charts if they are correct. Both Template charts were screen shot on Friday March 4th at closing for the week-end. After you have read post 21 come back to this post to identify your U/J set up by going forward to March 4th for verification. Do the same when you install the E/J.

The U/J was used for training purpose during the first week of training. On the second week of training

we switched to the E/J and no longer trading the U/J.

From this point on you are to read every post as every question you have is answered within those 205 pages. Do not jump to the page the group is on and begin posting questions which has already been answered. If you do – your questions will not be answered. If you do not want to study from the beginning then we cannot help you.



click the link to download free the above The Paradox System-Free Forex Trading Strategy