fund management service 100 $ per month

7,800.00 7,100.00


We manage your entire account with your mt4 account number and password.Here you just invest your money and hand over your account to us .Our team handle your account 24/5 and place trading orders when the signals game .also its place stop loss and take profit too .By this way you can make minimum 30% profit by your invested amount and maximum we got 200% profit too in our history .

For this we dont ask any profit sharing only one time initial payment 100$ .

So why are you waiting and getting worry about forex trading .Simply hand over account and get relax by our works .Lot of traders relief from them forex trading stress by us via this method .We can attached some proof also in below sections ,the satisfied customers tell about service .

pay using neteller payment method or skrill payment method our neteller and skrill payment email id :



Proof of our clients real Though about our ServiceĀ 


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